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Hopping into Spring: Easter Fun with the Farm Animals

Located on a sprawling 450-acre grain farm, Windy Way Horses offers a picturesque setting for horse lovers and nature enthusiasts. Annie Trice, the owner of Windy Way Horses, started her business in 2009 with a vision to create a thriving equestrian hub. What began as a small lesson and training facility has now blossomed into a full-fledged operation with two riding arenas, an obstacle course and four miles of scenic trails where visitors can explore the beauty of the countryside.

“I have always been involved in the horse industry, I started taking lessons at Windy Way under the instruction of Annie Trice, the owner, when I was in middle school and started teaching a few lessons in high school and all throughout college,” Erin says. “Afterward, I decided to take it on full time.”

At the farm, visitors are not only greeted by majestic horses but also by a variety of other animals. From cows and alpacas to sheep and more, the farm is a bustling ecosystem. The diverse menagerie adds to the charm of Windy Way Horses, making it a unique destination for families and animal lovers. “What animals do we not have?” Erin laughs. “We have horses, cows, alpacas, two baby doll Southdown sheep, chickens, rabbits, dogs, barn cats, a donkey and lots of honey bees.”

One of the standout features of Windy Way Horses is its inclusive approach to accommodating the needs of the public. In addition to offering horseback riding lessons, the farm is also home to Courageous Hearts Horsemanship, a therapeutic riding program that provides healing experiences for individuals with special needs and is a designated Maryland Horse Discovery Center. “Being a Horse Discovery Center is huge to us,” Erin says. “We love to teach others about the industry and bring people close to animals that they may never get to interact with. Being able to teach others about something we love is so rewarding.”

In 2022, Windy Way Horses introduced its first Easter event, inviting visitors to join in the festivities and celebrate the season with the farm animals. The event, known as Easter with the Farm Animals, has since become an annual tradition that attracts families and animal enthusiasts from near and far. The event offers a range of activities for visitors of all ages. From a lively Easter egg hunt to pony rides, cookie decorating and Easter pictures, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Guests can also take part in interactive animal stations where they can learn about the farm’s inhabitants and even interact with them up close.

This springtime event is not just about fun and frolic; it also serves as an educational opportunity for visitors. “In the equine business, even if someone is just coming to get a riding lesson, they get to experience some of responsibility that goes into caring for the animal,” Erin says. “Or us being located on a grain farm, we always get the question of what crop is growing, questions about the farm equipment, and what is the irrigation? This is another huge reason, we created events like Easter with the Farm Animals. We have such a wide variety of animals, we have so much to offer people by just inviting them to our farm.”

Through hands-on experiences and guided tours, event visitors can learn about farm life, agriculture and the care that goes into raising and nurturing the animals. This unique blend of entertainment and education, known as agritourism, makes the event a rewarding experience for all who attend.

By continuing to expand its offerings and evolve its events, Windy Way Horses hopes to inspire a love for animals, nature and agriculture in all who visit.

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